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  • What Is Better

    Most of you are familiar with the world of smartphones,in other words phones that are smart !!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you surprised. Not in looks but what it can do in terms of functions. The world today is evolving at a faster rate and so is the world of smartphones.

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  • The 2K Effect

    The bank of Uganda introduced a once in my lifetime’s note of two thousand shillings. This note hit the streets and banks fully endowed with great features. The note in question is dominated by one color and I must say it’s fairly enticing to the eye.

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  • When The Going Gets Tough

    There is an increasing number of homeless people in the world and this has seen America register just a slight decrease of 0.4%. According to The National Alliance to End Homelessness, in 2012 America’s number of homeless people stood at 633,782.

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  • Life After University

    We all dream about the life we expect to live after finishing school. The dreams relating to a posh car, posh house and a white-collar job are the most dreamt by university students. However, what goes on in our minds is not exactly what takes place after graduation.

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  • No More Miniskirts in Uganda

    Many have received this news with mixed reactions. I personally have no problem with mini skirt enthusiasts but according to my mother of 60 years; banning miniskirts has been long overdue. But what is it exactly that bothers people about or

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